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Lirik Lagu Ots (only The Silvas) – Rocky

By: Admin | Artist: O ots only the silvas | Published: 2024-25-04T21:16:39:00+07:00
Lirik Lagu Ots (only The Silvas) – RockyLirikku.ID - Lirik Lagu Ots (only The Silvas) – Rocky: Halo Lirikku.ID, Dalam konten ini, kami menyediakan chord gitar untuk lagu "Lirik Lagu Ots (only The Silvas) – Rocky" yang dinyanyikan oleh Toton O ots only the silvas. Dengan chord yang disajikan, pemula atau penggemar musik dapat dengan mudah memainkan lagu ini dengan gitar mereka sendiri. Kami menyajikan chord dengan akurasi tinggi sehingga pemain dapat mengikuti alunan musiknya dengan baik. Juga, kami akan memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai lirik lagu dan mungkin beberapa tips untuk menyempurnakan permainan gitar. Konten ini cocok untuk penggemar musik yang ingin belajar lagu baru atau bagi mereka yang ingin menikmati kesenangan bermain musik dengan gitar. Silahkan disimak Lirik Lagu Ots (only The Silvas) – Rocky Berikut Dibawah ini untuk Selanjutnya.

[intro: tpmarkk]
we got a weather report on the track, it’s getting hot as f~ck out here bro
over 200 degrees bro, my legs are burning right now
my hair is getting flat bruh, i don’t even know what’s going on
but it’s like a big ass heat wave around the globe bruh
no one’s safe out here in this sh~t bro
put on your sunscreen i’m boutta show you some real heat
man paolo k!lled this sh~t

[verse 1: tpmarkk]
getting money on the grind you know that sh~t was rocky
rising up, got too many haters they can’t stop me
cooking up the health inspector yeah they call me ocky
took his b~tch from liberty you know he almost fought mе
put me on the field and wе gonna make the playoffs
had to dodge a bullet so that my career can take off
maxing all my stats looking good got my braces off
got these b~tches asking for the gram i can’t f~ck with y’all
come and get yo b~tch yeah you know she on my pickle berry
hit him in the head with a pan like it’s tom and jerry
you know i’m level 99 and i got the b~tches staring
i’m the edgar goat yeah you know that there is no comparing
pull up to the barber shop, fresh fade, got me right
hit him with the wombo combo, left hook, then a right
filling up my cup, jolly rancher, got the lean and sprite
you know what they say, treat her right and she won’t bite
[interlude: ots paolo]
y’all still playing with us
listen bro i’m not a rapper but i had to show y’all some real sh~t
this is just precum y’all ain’t see nuttin yet

[verse 2: ots paolo]
pull up to his crib and we hit him with a rocket launcher
saw his body after so you know i had to call a doctor
keep on talking sh~t bro i could tell that you don’t got a father
why you keep on going out when you don’t even got a dollar
he tried to slide on us but we hit him with the rpg
getting big off music ion care bout an act
who invited blud bro you know you aren’t on the team
back on my bull sh~t sum like zach lavine
they saying time is money but it’s looking like your clock broke
looking like the navy with these weapons you don’t want smoke
running out of energy i’m asking if he got coke
looking h~lla broke and dirty you don’t even go soap
always on the toilet cuz you know i’m always on my sh~t
tryna find some money bro you couldn’t even find the cl~t
white people hating on my music just cuz i’m a spic
built h~lla skinny boy you’re looking like a walking l!ck

[interlude: ots piero]
come on bro, i told y’all to stop playing with us
y’all still here, like bro like
just get a life bro
[verse 3: ots piero]
on the way to the top man you know that it was really rocky
benching 225 no one here can even spot me
gave him smoke he peed himself cuz he forgot to go to potty
me and paolo next up there’s no one even here to stop me
pippen in chicago you know that my name ain’t even scottie
wax on and wax off you know i taught mr. miyagi
brodie tryna beg for beef he thought he won he’s getting c~cky
unky tryna fly somewhere i send him back to nagasaki
brodie tryna beef but he a chicken no teriyaki
i got too much ice on my chain but i ain’t playing hockey
yo girl tryna come up to my house she all up on my body
she be begging for my d~ck, she be wanting me to doggy
showed up to his gravestone and i had to give him couple poppies
brodie tryna beg for beef but he don’t know i am his papi
unky’s just an npc he has no job or other hobbies
pulled up to his crib with no intention than to pull a robbery

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