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Lirik Lagu Jay rain (rapper) – Sun Shy

By: Admin | Artist: J jay rain rapper | Published: 2024-20-05T06:39:13:00+07:00
Lirik Lagu Jay rain (rapper) – Sun ShyLirikku.ID - Lirik Lagu Jay rain (rapper) – Sun Shy: Halo Lirikku.ID, Dalam konten ini, kami menyediakan chord gitar untuk lagu "Lirik Lagu Jay rain (rapper) – Sun Shy" yang dinyanyikan oleh Toton J jay rain rapper. Dengan chord yang disajikan, pemula atau penggemar musik dapat dengan mudah memainkan lagu ini dengan gitar mereka sendiri. Kami menyajikan chord dengan akurasi tinggi sehingga pemain dapat mengikuti alunan musiknya dengan baik. Juga, kami akan memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai lirik lagu dan mungkin beberapa tips untuk menyempurnakan permainan gitar. Konten ini cocok untuk penggemar musik yang ingin belajar lagu baru atau bagi mereka yang ingin menikmati kesenangan bermain musik dengan gitar. Silahkan disimak Lirik Lagu Jay rain (rapper) – Sun Shy Berikut Dibawah ini untuk Selanjutnya.

i’ve been tryna fight my brain
i’ve been tryna stay away
from my hidin’ and display
what i highly think is great on a sunshiny day
but once sunshine’s away
once sun’s shy, i sway
and my punchlines breaks
and i’m done like, wait
is jay rain even a weight i wanna hold?
is jay rain even a place i want? it’s cold
is jay rain even the same as his soul?
is jay rain~ uh
all these questions waiting to be answered
like kanye to sway, i don’t got the answers
i might be the one who will mix and master
but of this system i’m not the master that i lack, yuh
i compare my lyrics to the masters of the rap, i
see i’m still so far from great, so far from free
so far is hate of bars and beats
so far the trees are stuffed with leaves
but one month later
i see the evil creep and i hate my creation
once amazing, after havin’ ‘em played, ehm
well, maybe they ain’t, ugh
a loop of feelin’ fantastic
but once time has passed it
starts to feel like plastic
and i hate what i crafted
voice sounds so bad, sh~t, and the mixing sucks
that’s all i think ‘bout my stuff and i hate it cuz
how can i grow if i don’t ever try to love
and own what i’ve grown? man i love hip~hop
it might not suck or maybe it does
it’s hard to know when you’re thrown for a loop
i need to stick confidence with glue
so i don’t lose the passion and i do
more with music cause i love to use it
tell my life and lose it
in the music i’m fly and i like to move it, uh
been writing for so long but still remember the start
a young kid with an ache in his heart
wanting to spill out the pain, didn’t care ‘bout no card, credit or cars
a young boy who discovered his passion
a problematic boy who discovered the rappin’
if it wasn’t what i wanted, i’d had stopped at the laughing
but i didn’t and i haven’t
i love flowing through verses and rhyming
climbing to the climax and refinin’ my vision like it’s imax
assignment’s designing until i’m signed and life is life, man
not just a struggle for money
f~ck i don’t need millions, i yearn for a lovely life
not one workin’ for paper but working for highs
’cause that’s what i’ll remember when i die, uh
not all the numbers made in my time, nah

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