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Lirik Lagu Cynicaltesla – Menacyn – Shady 2.0 (slim Shady Type Free Verse)

By: Admin | Artist: C cynicaltesla | Published: 2024-25-04T21:29:55:00+07:00
Lirik Lagu Cynicaltesla – Menacyn – Shady 2.0 (slim Shady Type Free Verse)Lirikku.ID - Lirik Lagu Cynicaltesla – Menacyn – Shady 2.0 (slim Shady Type Free Verse): Halo Lirikku.ID, Dalam konten ini, kami menyediakan chord gitar untuk lagu "Lirik Lagu Cynicaltesla – Menacyn – Shady 2.0 (slim Shady Type Free Verse)" yang dinyanyikan oleh Toton C cynicaltesla. Dengan chord yang disajikan, pemula atau penggemar musik dapat dengan mudah memainkan lagu ini dengan gitar mereka sendiri. Kami menyajikan chord dengan akurasi tinggi sehingga pemain dapat mengikuti alunan musiknya dengan baik. Juga, kami akan memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai lirik lagu dan mungkin beberapa tips untuk menyempurnakan permainan gitar. Konten ini cocok untuk penggemar musik yang ingin belajar lagu baru atau bagi mereka yang ingin menikmati kesenangan bermain musik dengan gitar. Silahkan disimak Lirik Lagu Cynicaltesla – Menacyn – Shady 2.0 (slim Shady Type Free Verse) Berikut Dibawah ini untuk Selanjutnya.

i woke up and thought i’d go off and spray
like an os~p~rey
but not for the commas aye
just an odd charade
but i’m done giving it all for free
you’re gonna wanna pay
or i’m takin’ off ya leg
with a saw b~lade
in case you thought i was just chargin’
an arm today
and i hope you’re all afraid
when i have you marinate in my marmalade
and you’re jaw dropped from my sauce ‘n’ glaze
when i hawk a ‘nade
let off and blaze like..
like dog i break
every bar i say
cause i scar the page
then rip apart a take
when my mind’s in a nonstop talking phase
and it’s startin’ to make
me feel vice presidential at least
like kamala h
so give me partial control to dominate
all the states
and nominate
me ’til i inaugurate
and stop the hate’s
what i would propagate
and all the ways
that they indoctrinate
and i’ll never be merciful
yeah my words are raw
and verses i murder all
so versatile
without the urge to curse at all
when i’m going hotter than a furnace
and faster than an infernus
then divert the law
from the way i hurt the daw
so you don’t want beef with me
’cause i’ll give you a purple jaw
take your percs and moll’
then you’re givin’ me bad reviews like yelping more than a burnin’ dog
yeah i just like blurtin’ off
for no fawkin’ reason
and when i spit
~spit sound~
i’m out~hawkin’ stephen
from the way i’m lava breathin’
and do a lotta cleavin’
and i’m so sick like nostrils leakin’
from constant sneezin’
an awful wheezin’
and vomit heavin’
in coughin’ season
and everything i drop
is my hottest release ‘n’
you’re hopin’ i’ll say “i’ll stop and nah i’m teasin'”
when i give the trigger of the lyrical glock a squeezin’
when i’m poppin’ and c~ckin’ the thirty three’s in
~automatic gunshots~
and since i’m an abomination
i’ma bomb a nation
with my concentration
when my mind is racin’
with blind frustration
when i turn my constant patience
into non stop ragin’
from no congregation
and your commentating
comment hating
man i love rap ’cause you wouldn’t be able to tell i’m dope from conversation
and you hearin’ what i’m contemplating’s
enough compensation
ha, nah i’m playin’
give me the safe combination

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