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Lirik Lagu B.a badd – Corner Deli

By: Admin | Artist: B b a badd | Published: 2024-25-04T20:29:19:00+07:00
Lirik Lagu B.a badd – Corner DeliLirikku.ID - Lirik Lagu B.a badd – Corner Deli: Halo Lirikku.ID, Dalam konten ini, kami menyediakan chord gitar untuk lagu "Lirik Lagu B.a badd – Corner Deli" yang dinyanyikan oleh Toton B b a badd. Dengan chord yang disajikan, pemula atau penggemar musik dapat dengan mudah memainkan lagu ini dengan gitar mereka sendiri. Kami menyajikan chord dengan akurasi tinggi sehingga pemain dapat mengikuti alunan musiknya dengan baik. Juga, kami akan memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai lirik lagu dan mungkin beberapa tips untuk menyempurnakan permainan gitar. Konten ini cocok untuk penggemar musik yang ingin belajar lagu baru atau bagi mereka yang ingin menikmati kesenangan bermain musik dengan gitar. Silahkan disimak Lirik Lagu B.a badd – Corner Deli Berikut Dibawah ini untuk Selanjutnya.

yeah, uh, it ain’t no prophets in your backyard, that’s probably why malcolm k!llers look like
him, and the same with christ
look in the mirror and i ask god, is that max time for that f in the trunk worth the sacrifice
we prayed days to attack the night, just to get our fashion right
won’t you get a world if you ask the price
dog food on greyhounds, you better wrap it twice
just enough for my appetite


she told me she loved me just after seven days
that told me she weak and got some selfish ways

i kissed her on the feet becausе her soul was pretty
she said i bе sh~ttin’ on her, but ain’t no biggie


khalid muhammad in amiri denims
desert yeezy boots when i bury victims
you gold~tendin’ and you cherry~pickin’
i gotta gift to rap, somebody tears the ribbon

most of these n~ggas not your friends, dawg, they just scared to be your enemy
i don’t need to know the f~ckin’ vibes, cause i can sense a n~gga energy

yeah, yo, yo, uh

the time is yours
see the present is a gift from the highest lord
let your heart beat the drum, let your mind absorb
see the birth of my seed, help me find the force

my mother see my sister in my daughter’s eyes, now that’s a pain i pray i never feel
i’ve been the only child since my sister died, now that’s a hole that i could never fill

i played the field on the front line, i bagged dimes and i dumped nines
i ate food when it’s lunchtime, i go apes if you touch mine

i prayed to god for a fair shot, then i hit the pack with a flair chop
bodies fall without a tear drop, once it’s on don’t wanna hear~stop

sweaty palms turn into court hearings, everyone down the ride check the ball bearings
either jesus grabbed the wheel or you gon’ start starin’, once the gavel bang, you better not start tearin’

this was the life you chose, so stand up and sit, you can’t decide to fold
you broke every law, now provide the code
some lose their minds in them cells and some find they soul
it’s like mind control, then the grind get old
and it’s still ten years of the time you owe
so the time gets slow, then it’s time to go
and you back in the world and your mind explode

what we really want is by the names of all those who belong, the names, who they are, the identification. i don’t even know them. do you keep no records? it’s not my job, i’m just a preacher. yeah, but somebody out there keeps a record

i don’t know who, i don’t have any knowledge of those kind of things. with all these other responsibilities i’ve had, it’s difficult for me to worry about names. plus, you would insult my intelligence, asking me for them
…when you ask that question

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