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Lirik Lagu ​samarchy – Telling Me

By: Admin | Artist: S samarchy | Published: 2024-25-04T21:14:53:00+07:00
Lirik Lagu ​samarchy – Telling MeLirikku.ID - Lirik Lagu ​samarchy – Telling Me: Halo Lirikku.ID, Dalam konten ini, kami menyediakan chord gitar untuk lagu "Lirik Lagu ​samarchy – Telling Me" yang dinyanyikan oleh Toton S samarchy. Dengan chord yang disajikan, pemula atau penggemar musik dapat dengan mudah memainkan lagu ini dengan gitar mereka sendiri. Kami menyajikan chord dengan akurasi tinggi sehingga pemain dapat mengikuti alunan musiknya dengan baik. Juga, kami akan memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai lirik lagu dan mungkin beberapa tips untuk menyempurnakan permainan gitar. Konten ini cocok untuk penggemar musik yang ingin belajar lagu baru atau bagi mereka yang ingin menikmati kesenangan bermain musik dengan gitar. Silahkan disimak Lirik Lagu ​samarchy – Telling Me Berikut Dibawah ini untuk Selanjutnya.

oooh, yeah, oo~oo
no, oooh, ooo
that’s like~yeah, uhuh
it’s like~ha
that’s what you’re telling me?
okay, alright, alright, alright
no i got you, i got you

[verse 1]
…reflect upon my past, i am not okay
waiting for my work to be replaced
ian said that sam shall get a bigger break
from the pie dished to all the competition that i face today
need some slower bars so i can perform them (yeah)
have to mix my vocals, no distortion (yeah)
but i’d rather make it how i want to fit to my proportions
jump off of the course and pave my way to stardom
i’ve never seen a camera flash in my direction
i’m standing tall, so they say my spine is an erection
i am all but rappеr, i play the strings like an actor and i am a product of fashion
but i own no clothes to show to a mastеr who knows what i need (yeah)
i’m hidden under these ashes coz they’re burning my leaves
i am so far gone with my power and pride
that’s enough about me, let us see what you hide
[verse 2]
you could let me be myself, that’s what they misunderstand about it
and usually when writing on our classroom table
they laugh it at us and bite like adders
don’t you know that bite is weak to me?
i beat you p~ssy punk b~tches every day in a week
and i fit in my shoes, with pride, oh my, that’s right
i’ve fit in with nerds, fit out with jerks, surprise
and i’ve been low before, ain’t no way i’d lie
with every verse and line, i gain time
stop being a p~ssy dude, ain’t that menopause?
coz i‘ve told these men to pause their feline traits with claws
i’m gone, forever or a day? i can’t make it wrong
so i’d be, f~ck it, i’m not one to talk
f~ck the way that they rap, i’m on my own with no cameras
you won’t pioneer a wave? i’ll do it where’s my spanner?
you see me as crazy, out my mind, so bananas
when i’m able to say f~ck you, just bet i’ll rap it

[verse 3]
and now it’s happened, what if i got casted?
would you mind? it’s in the past but, i want everything
maybe i don’t need it but i want it just to know if i grew from melodies and colourful tees
but what was not around my scenery
rich people, car keys and growing up on palm trees
f~ck your friends, those are what i didn’t need
but i am not free, that is what you’re telling me now, uh
so that’s what you’re telling me now?

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